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Prayer Ministry

Prayer Network

The Prayer Network at Holy Spirit responds to those in need of support by offering prayers to those requesting our assistance.  To request a prayer through the Prayer Network contact the prayer network at:

Speaking and listening to our God, an exercise called prayer, should be as natural as breathing.   When one loves another, neither wants to be out of the presence of the other for any lengthy period of time, and there is a deep desire to share everything.  This dialogue called prayer should take place daily.  Ideally several times a day.

Many people, our brothers and sisters in Christ, need the support of our prayers:

  • The sick
  • Those who care for them and their families
  • The terminally ill
  • The deceased and those they leave behind
  • The lonely
  • Those confined to rest homes or to their own homes
  • The disabled
  • The divorced
  • The poor
  • Those who have few or no friends
  • Those who have lost their jobs
  • Victims of abuse
  • Those with addictions
  • The depressed
  • Myriad of others who stand in need of prayer, including ourselves.

The Prayer Network was established to respond to the needs of others for our prayers and the need we have to pray for one another.  A coordinator and the pastor are the recipients of requests for prayer.  Normally the coordinator then E-mails the requests for prayer to all those who have volunteered to pray.  No one should volunteer to offer prayer who does not sincerely intend to pray. Those who offer prayer are to keep those for whom they pray in the strictest confidence. The coordinator will use his/her judgment when asking for prayer for someone so people are not offended by excessive detail. One may join the Prayer Network by speaking with the Pastor.

Contact the Parish Office for more information on how to volunteer for this ministry (376-9435).